Here you can find info, screenshots & the downloads of the all the maps I created.
All maps shown here are for Half-Life 2 Multiplayer and are all the latest released versions.
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All these are the maps I created.
There are not so many, that's simply
because I choose quality over quantity.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to
get a single map together.
And I don't like to release beta's.
Because it's a kind of laziness not
to finish what you started before a release.
It’s like spreading your messy
development like a waste dump all
over the net. And seriously, I think there’s
already too much unfinished crap out there
on the net. My beta's who I call beta’s
are abandoned projects most of the time.
Most of my abandoned mapping
projects are far from completed, and
a better map takes it’s place and I use
the unreleased content like it's houses and
good designs for the map that takes it's place.

Recent Developments:

The opensource release of Amsterville is final.
To make sure the mappers & players
can do with it what they want, to modify it to their needs.

The new coming rebuild of the Riverview map is postponed...
Do you have any questions or suggestions
about one or more of my maps?
Or maybe you want to report a bug found
in one of my maps.
All your concern and input is very welcome,
and is considered valuable information to me.

You can either e-mail me, or contact me on the forums.
Map: Riverview • Forum • Titanic • Riverview • Hometown • Amsterville • ChessMatchArena
Map: Titanic 1912 & CQD
Map: Hometown 1999
Map: ChessMatchArena SE
Map: Amsterville v1.1 & v1.2 CE + OpenSource
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