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13.70 MegaByte
v1.1 - 1999
August 2005
DM & RP_Hometown1999
F. Kalkman
Custom textures,
usable axes & hammers,
& special 1999 content.
I first created this map (1996 version) for
another kind of play. At that time I didn't know
what RolePlay was. But I designed this map for
it without knowing that it already existed.
But this map was different.
It was designed for the usual DM/TDM.
DM/TDM was always the same,
this map would make it different.
It was more like a multifuncional map
Good for comics, and good for DM
or TDM play with an urban architecture.
You didn't see weapons all over the place.
No, they where well hidden and in
the weapon store like in real life.
And for instance getting your heath by
using a soda-vender was very unique
for TDM at that time. This map is full of unique
features, and brought most of my ideas to life.
I was amazed when I seen my own creations
come to life while I had so many new ideas.
No doubt that this map is
a landmark in the HalfLife 2 mapping world.

The original 1996 version can still be
downloaded from a link on my forum.
Visit the Hometown forum topic link below to find it. • Maps