Here you can find info, screenshots & the downloads of the all the maps I created.
All maps shown here are for Half-Life 2 Multiplayer and are all the latest released versions.
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3.19 MegaByte
June 2005
F. Kalkman
dm_riverview (first version)
Custom textures,
axes & hammers,
and a mighty hideout.
This is the first map I made for HL2DM.
I mapped for HalfLife1 before.
But this game was the latest thing for me.
Being very glad that Valve released
the SDK for all of us.
Unlimitless creativity as far
as your knowledge goes.
Of course there is a learning curve,
and updates of Riverview shared
my latest features.
That is why this version of my first map
has a later release date than my Titanic maps.
Opposite of the Titanic maps,
I had to create this from scratch with
no idea how it would look like completed.
I built it piece by piece, like I do with all my maps.
This is what makes mapping so hard for me,
especially when I always try to outdo myself.
I make sketches first,
but they only partly come to reality.
This map is the evidence that I have what
it takes to create good looking maps.
And a good opertunity to bring my ideas to life,
and share them to the world.
That is what makes me that guy. • Maps