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All maps shown here are for Half-Life 2 Multiplayer and are all the latest released versions.
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5.73 MegaByte
v1.1 - S.E.
November 2006
F. Kalkman
v1.0 built from scratch
Custom textures, Custom models
& brushbased Chesspieces. • Maps
Version 1.1 SE (Special Edition)

I had this idea for some time before I got to it.
Approx. In april 2005 I made a ChessBoard
and 1 Rook. Then I left it till a year later.
I lost inspiration becouse of not knowing how to
shape it into a complete map. And the lack of
knowledge of the propper entity works at that time.
When the time was right, I got to it and it got to be
a great success. I realy enjoyed creating solutions
to make it work the way I wanted it to. Basicly the whole
map is designed to play Chess in. With all the
rules that apply to this kind of play,
it's only meant to play it in HalfLife2DeathMatch.
In this map I tried to create a nice and peaceful
environment. You can spawn all ChessPieces even
a Pawn and King in case you delete/lose or drop one
of them by excedent. There are 2 Chess Arena's.
I added the very computer where I leared
to play Chess on. The one and only Amiga 1000
+ the game "Battle Chess" in 1988. The best looking
and sounding ChessGame of the 1980's!
I just know I did a good job creating a good
playable ChessGame for HalfLife 2 with this map.
If you like Chess and own HalfLife2,
get it and enjoy it. Have fun!