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Model of the Titanic wreck
This model is mostly a plastic
model kit by Revell in 1/570th scale.
The entire top deck I had to built
myself, and the miniature railing as
well. The railing on this model, was
simply a massive plastic wall. The
state of the wreck is based on when
it was found in 1986 by Dr.
Robert Ballard. I used paper fiber for
rusticles and real sand for the base.
I used a lighter to melt the hull to
bend it into shape. I have an
interactive cd-rom which has a
diving feature which shows detailed
pictures of the wreck in a lot of
different angles. I also created all
visible deck layers where you can
look into the ship from above and
from the side through the hull. The
rust effect is done by a normal
brush, half dry, that creates the
effect well as you can see here. • Miscellaneous Handmade
Link: >> go to the HL2DM TITANIC map page <<                Made by F. Kalkman • Miscellaneous Handmade • Miscellaneous Handmade