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Here you can see the pulley & chains with all the weights. You can really pull up the weight with it.
The small ones are wood, the big one is plastic, all covered with brassfoil.
You can also see the swing behind the little glass window which can move, but not automaticly.
I don’t remember the scale I built it at, but it’s approx. 1:10.
Here you can see the size of it compared to a box of matches.
I made it possible to disassemble the entire clock into multiple parts.
This makes fixing or replacing parts very easy.
As you can see here, there is no room for a battery.
The stand has the battery in it, with a electric connector on it, to put the clock on.
So I didn’t have to worry about a fragile hanging connection. It’s like 2 solutions in 1!
Here you can see where the battery goes at the back of the stand.
The stand has weight added by plaster filling in the bottom.
And a leather flap covers the battery compartment.
The original clock used to be with my grandmother.
But she already gave it away years ago to another family member.
I heard her complain about it sometimes, missing that beautiful piece of history.
Then I got the idea to recreate it in scale the best I could, and gave it to her at her birthday in Feb 2004.

For some of you (gamers) this clock can be found familiar, that’s right!
I also built a replica of it in my ChessMatchArena map for HL2DM in 2006.
Link: >> go to the ChessMatchArena HL2DM map page <<           Made by F. Kalkman
This is a working model clock modeled after a real one just like it. Yes, it’s a scale model.
This model of clock is called a ”Friesche Staartklok”.
And this is a family piece among our family for about 200 years now.
This very model is built in december of 2003. • Miscellaneous Handmade • Miscellaneous Handmade • Miscellaneous Handmade