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What is handmade? I mean, touching a computer mouse and creating something with it could also be
called handmade because it’s the hand that wheels it... No! Many people will dissagree, I agree.
This is my vehicle I built on 1/14th
scale. It’s a Honda MT5 fom 1988.
Though it’s not in it’s original state
anymore, I think it looks better
than a stock Honda MT5. What
can I say, you just have to watch
the video. All details are on it.
It’s built from electric-copper wire,
brass, wood and plastic sheet
materials. All is painted and
added printed stickers. The
housing I built as well specially
for this model. You can see
original Honda stickers at the
background. It’s a sealed box
which keeps dust and shit like
that out. I built this model in 2001
This first video is dedicated to my
metal class teacher
Mr. G. van Leeuwen. What a great
teacher he was, with a great
personalty, I really got along with
him. Truely, he’s never forgotten.
This is what I built under his
supervision. It’s a stirling engine
wich runs on air pressure in one
sealed cylinder by temparature
differences. One part is cooled,
and the other part is heaten.
The trick is that there is an inside
piston which only moves it’s
volume forward and back to move
the air from the cold to warm area,
and vice versa again. built in 1997.
When you want something that doesn’t exist,
you create it yourself. So I built my own HL2 clock.
It’s a simple conversion of a standard clock.
Now it has thick colored paper shapes on it. Though I
made it accurate by printing templates, and cutting
through to get it on scale. Created in 2006.
It’s a very surprising thing that they
produce model kits of the Titanic. But
where are the Titanic-wrack model kits?
Another something that didn’t exist...
Next is another clock I made in
scale. This time it’s something
way better looking. It’s a scale
model of a true family piece.
Whats the use of modeling computer hardware? Again,
it doesn’t exist. Meaning it’s never been done before.
And there is no store you could find or buy stuff like this.
I wanted something that didn’t exist... here we go again!
As a kid I used to make 3D things out of paper, drawing
with a pencil, cutting out & paste it together. The accuracy
was pretty bad because of the line thickness etc. When I
finally had a pc with a printer, it seems it mattered a lot!
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