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This is a Miscellaneous Collection of a few of my creations, this website is also one of them.
There is some shareware of classic games with some extra stuff as well.
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The Amiga 1000. My first computer I had when I was 8 yeas old.
Pretty fancy toy to have as a kid in 1988! Full color graphics and
amazing stereo sound! Todays computer is based on this epic
machine. It was the multimedia computer system of the 1980’s!
This machine helped me learn how to read english, play chess
and of course, games... lots of games! The best of it’s time of all.

Even today the Amiga games are still fun. No doubt I have the
Ultimate Amiga Emulator (WinUAE) which I will link you to here.
WinUAE is freeware, and the amiga disk files ( *.adf ) as well.

ADF Files:

Amiga Kickroms:
Those resources will get you wat you need, with all this you’re all set.
This video is an animation I drawn frame by frame, pixel by pixel on the Amiga
itself. I spend days working on this. What you see is the Amiga getting
connected to all the components and controllers including external diskdrive,
expansion memory module & powercord etc. It’s all drawn in DeluxePaintIII
a paint program, so there is no sound. The frame rate is set 9 fps. You could
think of this as an animated gif in Amiga format. 32 colors indexed from out
4096 colors at a resolution of 320x200. When I created this it was back in 1998, yes I know, pretty
late I hear you say, is this all you accomplised in 10 years on that machine? That you must be
thinking. Well, most of the time is was time for games! You should understand no? No I did create
more, but mostly pictures. And the quality I get through composite isn’t what makes low-res
pictures any more interesting, rather a waste of effort. But this animation though composite was
just like standard youtube quality so here it is. This animation shows what Amiga can do. Watch it!

Soundless animation don’t mean the Amiga sounds bad. Amiga music can still be downloaded today.

Link: ( Amiga Music Modules & more modules )