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Descent Downloads:
Descent Shareware - Descent music
Descent 2 Downloads:
Descent 2 music
Descent 3 Downloads:
Descent 3 Demo - Descent 4 Pyro GX for Descent 3

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Descent was the first game (1995) introducing a real 3D environment, which makes it a real classic.
And also the very first game featuring real 3D enemy models instead of sprites made a big difference.
All this hardware helped the gamers of it’s time for the best experience.


Computer graphics acceleration, which gamer can live without it these days?
3Dfx Interactive Inc. was the first company who created 3d chipsets that made a difference, if not the only one that had performance.
3Dfx is also the very company who brough the SLI technology to life! Other graphics card manufacturers came 7 years later with SLI.
Even today you can add real Voodoo power into your system with 1 or 2 Voodoo2’s in PCI SLI depending on driver support,
to run all your old classic game aplications with 3d acceleration because some old 3D games require Glide, the genuine 3Dfx API.
3Dfx had the best 16bit render quality with dithering technique and still improved with the Voodoo3!
With the Voodoo3, 16bit only rendering was way faster than others in both 32 or 16bit rendering. But game developers were aiming for 32bit
rendering, so it looked ugly in 16bit which didn’t have to be. In my oppinion 3Dfx made the right call, higher framerates were more important!

The legendary 3Dfx Voodoo3 retail series for the pc, the last and the best/fastest 16bit cards ever:

The first Intel Pentium’s where great, and helped us gamers feed our graphics cards for our high demanding needs.
Besides, the intel inside logo is one of the best ever seen, it was once a real shiny metal batch!
Download: Intel FX sounds, HQ Pentium & Pentium II logo >>
Last but certainly not least:
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Some time ago, games came in beautiful boxes. This
is no longer the case with the arrival of the plastic DVD
boxes. Though these boxes are old, I still have some
original boxes from these games. Because they are
classics, and keep memories alive. I scanned the
boxart, and created layouts to download, print and put
it together with glue or use these images as textures.
Download file: