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Sylvester Stallone is always so funny because he always tries so hard to be so serious.
Here he’s in a serious situation, and as you can see, he really is very funny like this.
The audio or
music as you
can call it I
made back
in the year
2000. For
better quality
you can
the Mp3
version here.
For youtube
I made this
it doesn’t
but it’s better
than just a picture, and viewing a picture is not what I call watching video’s on youtube.
Yes, Schwarzenegger again...
I know this website is in english
but this is for the dutch people
among us. Just don’t forget this
is still a .nl website. Anyway,
this is a compilation of a dutch
movie audio stream into a scene
from Terminator 2 Judgement day.
This is a voice-over so this can
only be funny for dutch people.
The only other funny thing about
it is that Arnold has a weird voice
for his appeareance as we know
him. Translation is added on the
YouTube page version. Watch the
subtitled version @ YouTube
Arnold Schwarzenegger is
my big hero. Making fun of
Arnold never bothered me.
In fact, it never bothered
Arnold either because he
doesn´t take himself
seriously when it comes to
acting. How can we anyway,
when the thing about acting
is entertainment? I hope to
inspire you to make more
parodies about Arnold.
Note, in this parody the
T-1000 acts like a pervert
chasing John Connor...

Trouble playing? Click me!
Translation: Arnold: What are you gonna do, ask for a new car? Sarah: Well, maybe I will.
Arnold to John: Try to ignite it. Arnold: For now it works again. Move over, we’re gonna get some icecream!
These Video’s are the very ones I edited / created & uploaded to be part of my website.
More: Here is a page with my collection of favourite Youtube clips >> • Youtube