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This support is for whatever support/help you think you need
and what you expect you should find here and I can help you with.
Support can be found by the forums, e-mail & shoutbox.

When I had first internet connection I was glad I could play online first-person shooters like
Half-Life & Quake3 Arena with Math. Math. wanted to start a Quake3 clan, and so he did
and I was part of it. The clan was called CBM clan, and Math. made his first website for it.
And it went online on Januari 2004. But the clan didn’t grew bigger than just 4 members,
and was hardly known or any populair at all. I never played for the highest score, I just
wanted to have fun playing it. When Math. failed his own expectations of point rating,
he shutdown the clan, and CBM clan was no longer online. The next clan we started was
the Ulteamate in januari 2005. It had a few different website hosts before it was hosted on
a hired one in may 2005. So we had a website, and I started making maps for Half-Life2
Deathmatch in januari 2005. Then my idea was to upload it on the domain
for downloads. More and more it became my website because Math. lost interest in the
clan and the website. So Math. offered me to change the domain to
in juli 2007 which I thought was a great idea. The only thing that had to change was for
me to create & maintain my own website instead of Math. because almost nothing
changed ever since on the website. Everybody knows websites die quickly if they don’t
stay up to date, so it was up to me. Since march 22nd 2009 the time had come,
and since I do all about my own website. And that is the result you see right here.
This is about all around and the history of becoming.
It’s detailed information & handy links concerning website & support.
About me:

I’ve always been a creative person.
And without a doubt a great fan of
Arnold Schwarzenegger. I like his
films, and Arnold the way he is. I
never met him, but I don’t have to.
I respect his privacy, so I don’t
want to know or hear all the ins
and outs of his personal life.
Whatever he does, I will always
support him and never turn my
back on him. He was always as
a father to me. In a way, a father
who is there for me in a kind of way.
And he’s a great role model too. The way I see it, who doesn’t
want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Thats why I gave
myself the nickname Smartzenegger. The idea of the logo
came from the hairstyle brand Schwarzkopf, and I changed
the logo’s silhouette with Arnold’s silhouette as a joke first.
Januari 2004
Januari 2005
august 2005
this website was later
changed to
juli 2007 - march 2009
Arnold’s silhouette looks way better than the original logo from
Schwarzkopf. And the brand name is even more meaning
with it. Next was a photo of me made for T3 which I put in the
shadow which as you can see, looks great this way. The name
Smartzenegger is so unique, I couldn’t find it on the net. And so,
I created the hotmail email address because it didn’t exist yet.
You can still add me to MSN on to
chat with me, though I’m not so much online with MSN no more.
Still, feel free to add me on that account, and you can ask me
to get online to have a chat if you like, use email and/or the
shoutbox to ask me to chat with you. Or I just might get online.
Gamers are from all over the world, and we all speak english for it.
A translator would be handy sometimes, here’s a good one:

Drivers, as a gamer we need up to date drivers
for our precious graphics cards and other hardware:

GFX drivers:  nVidia ATI ASUS